Helpful Tips to Remember in Rainy Weather

While hydroplaning is something that many young drivers find fun and cool, it can also be very dangerous. Hydroplaning happens when water gets in front of your tires quicker than your vehicle’s weight can push it away. While it commonly happens in heavy rainstorms, your tires can also play a role. Stop at our auto repair facility and let us inspect your tires and offer any advice you may need. Here are some tips to help you avoid hydroplaning.

  • Use good quality tires.
  • Make sure tires are regularly balanced and rotated.
  • Don’t use cruise control during a storm.
  • Reduce speed if you see water ahead.
  • Always be prepared during a storm.

If your vehicle has ever hydroplaned, you know how frightening it can be to feel like you have no control over the vehicle. If it’s a tire issue, visit us in Marion, OH and let us show you our collection of tires and supplies.

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