What are the Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump?

Anyone who has driven a car knows and understands how important fuel is; without it, your car is going nowhere. Not only is it important to make sure your car has fuel, it is important to make sure your car's fuel system is working properly. Below are two signs your fuel system may need to be serviced:

  • Engine Sputtering - If you notice that while driving at a high rate of speed that your engine begins to sputter unexpectedly and then goes back to running fine, you may be experiencing a problem with the fuel pump. If the fuel pump cannot keep fuel flowing properly, it will cause the engine to sputter as it is not getting the fuel it needs.
  • Temperature - If you notice that your car temperature gauge is rising and then your car begins to stall, you may be experiencing problems with the fuel pump motor. If your car keeps doing this, you will need to check to make sure the fuel pump and motor are working properly.

At Mathews Acura, we understand how important your car's fuel system is to the overall performance of your vehicle. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your fuel system, come visit our Acura service facility and have one of our experts check it out.

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