Detailing with Clay Protects Your Vehicle

Detailing is a widely recognized way of making a car look shiny and new. The clay bar can pick up and hold contaminants and particles the cover the surface. The result is a smooth finish of the auto's original clear coat. The clay bar lifts away the dulling effects of roadway grime and airborne pollutants.

Marion, OH drivers know that driving can dull the vehicle finish and that frequent washes and waxes improve the appearance. The roads have a lot of dirt and corrosive compounds that can damage the surface and lead to rust. They include chemical traces in the air, dust from vehicle brakes, oils and road salt.

At Mathews Acura, we offer a wide range of services and products to keep your vehicle in good operating condition. We help vehicle performance, protect against corrosion, and improve appearance. Call or stop by today.



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