The Importance of Your Vehicle's Differential

Here at Mathews Acura, we strive to help our consumers keep their vehicles in excellent shape. One important component that helps your vehicle run smoothly is its differential.

A differential is the gearbox that is found between the drive wheels of your vehicle. Vehicles that have four-wheel drive typically have front and rear differentials. A differential works with the transmission to move power from the engine to the axle that turns the wheels. Your vehicle's differential also helps your vehicle turn properly. The outside of the wheels need to rotate quicker than the inside of the wheels during a turn. The differential uses different gears to allow each wheel to turn at different speeds for optimal control during turns.

It is important to have your differential fluid changed on a routine basis. Normal wear causes the differential fluid to break down and become contaminated, and if you fail to have your differential fluid changed, it could result in grinding that leads to costly repairs.



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