Does Your Vehicle Battery Need Testing?

If the battery in your vehicle is dead, then it is obvious that the vehicle will not start. But even if the battery isn't dead, it can still have problems powering the engine if it is not fully charged. The only way to know if the battery is the culprit is to test it.

A voltmeter is used to test the battery and can be either digital or analog, but the digital variety is more accurate. First, turn off the engine, the ignition and the vehicle lights. Attach the positive test lead to the positive terminal on the battery and then connect the negative test cable end to the negative battery terminal. If the output is at least 12.4, then the battery is good. If the numbers are below, the battery is probably bad.

We will be glad to test your battery if you bring it in to the Acura service center here at Mathews Acura. If your battery needs replacing, we have the right battery for your vehicle.

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