How to Tell if a Tire Needs to be Replaced

You'd like for the tires on your vehicle to stay in perfect shape forever, but that is not possible. The tires deal with the elements and they withstand a lot of use and abuse. Your tires will wear out eventually, and you need to know when they are ready to be replaced with a new set of tires.

If your vehicle is slipping when you try to stop it or not slowing as quickly as it used to when you apply pressure to your brakes, that could be the result of worn tires. If the treads on your tires seem to have worn down, the tires might be ready to be taken off and replaced with something new.

Pay attention to the way that your tires look and the way that your vehicle drives. Contact Mathews Acura here in Marion, OH if you find yourself in need of a tire replacement. Our team will look your tires over and then give you help.

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