What Does a Vehicle Alternator Do?

The alternator is the driving force behind the electronics in your vehicle. Your battery, lights, instruments, gauges and other electronics require a working alternator to run correctly. When your vehicle does not start or seems to have a problem maintaining power, it can be either a battery or an alternator issue.

When the alternator is failing, newer vehicles may have an indicator light in the instrument panel that signifies trouble with the alternator. Dim lights and gauges that don't work can be indications that the alternator is on the blitz. If there are screeching noises when the car is running, this can be a sign of possible alternator issues.

If you are having problems with keeping your vehicle charged and running, it may be the alternator. Bring your vehicle in to Mathews Acura, and we can check your battery and alternator to see if there are any problems. We can also provide any other automotive services you may require.



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