Why is My Engine Overheating?

It is not unusual for a vehicle's engine to suffer overheating. There are a variety of reasons why the malfunction occurs. Commonly, the coolant system lacks sufficient fluid to reduce the engine temperature. The fluid may simply need to be filled. A hose may have a leak or the radiator may become clogged.

Other problems contributing to the problem may include a faulty radiator or a malfunctioning radiator fan. Thermostats are relatively inexpensive parts that also often wear out and need replacing. A water pump failure often causes coolant fluid and steam to escape from under the engine compartment. This is a sure sign that the pump needs replacement.

When vehicle owners notice the engine temperature rising on the dashboard gauge, they need to make an appointment with one of our Acura service technicians as soon as possible. Failure to have the problem evaluated and repaired leads to extensive engine damage and more costly repairs.



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