Oversteering vs. Understeering: Opposite and Serious Car Problems

Problems with a car's performance aren't limited to pick up or stalling matters. Steering problems can create serious issues for a driver concerned about safety. Oversteering and understeering represent two opposite troubles drivers don't like to experience.

With understeering, the car won't turn as much as the driver wishes. An oversteering issue, not surprisingly, refers to the vehicles steering more than the driver wants. The problems may sound minor, but they aren't. An inability to control a vehicle's steering could lead to an accident.

Various fixes could address problems associated with an understeer or oversteer problem. Tightening the suspension could reduce understeering while loosening it may curtail oversteering. To find the right fix, the vehicle should undergo an inspection with a qualified mechanic.

At Mathews Acura, our mechanics might be able to help you with either of these troubles. Bring the vehicle to our service station so the mechanics can check it out.



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