Handling Unpleasant Vehicle Odors

Many have experience opening a vehicle door only to encounter a strong whiff of cigarette, old food, vomit or other nasty odors. There are a number of ways to handle the problem. First, toss out any trash that might be the culprit. When a spill occurs, soak the liquid as soon as possible to prevent it from being absorbed by the upholstery.

If the upholstery or floor carpet has already fallen prey, remove the mats and shampoo the fabric using warm water and mild household detergent. If needed, carpet, leather and vinyl cleaners are available where automotive products are sold.

Avoid using automotive air fresheners, which merely mask odors. Instead, try sprinkling baking soda on the affected surfaces overnight. Make sure the areas are dry first. Vacuum the residue the following day. For any vehicle care or service needs, visit with one of our Acura service technicians.



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