Understeer Versus Oversteer: Know the Difference

It would be nice if our vehicles simply reacted to our steering in perfect correlation to what we wanted them to do. However, this is not always possible. They are mechanic devices, and they sometimes do not behave perfectly. When a vehicle does not react to our steering instructions it is known as oversteer or understeer.

What is Oversteering and Understeering?

Oversteering is when a vehicle reacts with more force and vigor to our steering instructions than what has been commanded. Understeering is the exact opposite. Either one of these issues can be potentially dangerous as the vehicle moves far away from where we were intending to guide it.

Those who know that they have a vehicle that is oversteering or understeering should try to get this looked at as soon as possible. Correcting the problem now can mean avoiding having any other issues with it going forward, and that is the world we all prefer to live in.



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